Dan Wright

Amazon Advertising

Director, International Advertising Sales


Dan Wright is Director of International Advertising Sales for Amazon Media Group. As such, he leads advertising sales efforts for the countries Amazon Media Group serves outside of the US – which includes the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Canada and Japan. Previously Dan was Amazon Media Group’s Director of Product Specialists, during which time he led global sales for media on Amazon’s mobile shopping app, IMDb’s mobile apps, Kindle eReaders and Fire tablets with Special Offers, and the Amazon Mobile Ad Network. Dan joined Amazon in 2011, after holding leadership positions at a number of technology startups focused on innovation within the digital media space. He was most recently President of Precision Demand, which provided a demand-side platform for television advertising and was acquired by AOL. Prior to that, Dan was CEO of mPoria, a mobile shopping platform provider, and General Manager of mobile messaging with Mobliss, which developed and distributed mobile applications. Dan started his career in digital media with AskMe.com, where he was Vice President of Sales and Professional Services. Dan holds a BA degree from the University of Pennsylvania.



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