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Treasure Data helps enterprises unlock the power of data to create Connected Customer Experiences. With our Customer Data Cloud suite of integrated cloud-based solutions (including our award-winning customer data platform), marketing, sales, customer service, and operations teams are armed with an AI-powered, actionable 360-view of the customer that is both trusted and secure, allowing them to orchestrate more personalised customer connections and experiences. The result? Happier customers, as well as improved operational efficiency, reduced privacy risks, and inspiring growth.

Livres blancs / Études

Le guide complet des Customer Data Platforms
Guide d'accélération de la transformation digitale
Gérer la data pour l'IA : le rôle de la CDP


Comment construire une Expérience Client Connectée
Notre vision du Customer Data Cloud
De l'approche "centrée sur le client" à l'expérience client connectée

Business cases

Cas d'usage CDP pour l'automobile
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Cas d'usage CDP pour les PGC
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Cas d'usage CDP pour le retail
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