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Snapchat is a visual messaging app that enriches your relationships with friends, family and the world. The app connects brands with the lives of 20M French people, who use it every day for an average of 49 minutes (Médiamétrie - May 2023). For brands, Snapchat has become a must-have video platform to reach not only young targets, but also 25-49 year-olds. According to a recent study by Publicis, Snapchat helps to rebalance the overweighting of traditional TV/Digital media planning.


The Evolution of Shopping on Snapchat

Business cases

Comment Lacoste utilise la réalité augmentée pour générer un ROAS positif
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Comment Oasis utilise la réalité augmentée pour engager les Snapchatters et augmenter l'intention d'achat
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Comment La Redoute génère des ventes incrémentales sur Snapchat avec Dynamic Ads
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