Over the past year, teams around the world have experienced a rollercoaster of changes in the way they work. For many companies, the sudden shift from face-to-face work to teleworking has disrupted communication within teams. When teleworking, one of the biggest challenges is to ensure that your team members stay in touch and coordinate their efforts. Indeed, teams that work across time zones and juggle different tools in their work environment can easily be reduced to their own little world. Asana s’efforce d’aider les équipes du monde entier à atteindre leurs objectifs en toute transparence, que ce soit en présentiel, à distance ou une combinaison des deux. Au travers d'exemples concrets, Asana vous explique comment décloisonner l'entreprise pour mettre fin aux silos et augmenter sa productivité

[Masterclass] How to decompartmentalise the company to end silos and increase productivity 

Oct 12th, 11:50 am CEST - 12:20 pm CEST

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