[Masterclass] The ultimate brand experience: which activation levers for a rich and homogeneous search experience throughout the customer journey?

Oct 11, 2022 | 1:30 PM - 2:00 PM


Customer experience is not just about the buying experience. What if you change the lens and consider the search experience throughout the customer journey? You quickly realize that every day, consumers, partners and employees ask questions about your company in dozens of different channels: search engines, mobile applications, voice assistants, etc. These are all levers to offer an optimal search experience at all levels of your company and your ecosystems: increase visibility on digital channels, answer the most commonly asked questions about your brand, products and/or services directly on search engines, improve search functionalities on your website, update your post-sales information, and much more. But how do you find the right tool to meet all these requirements? A complete strategy requires many tools, right? Wrong, the real solution is to bring your information together in a single platform that centralizes your public data to feed scalable search experiences to always be in line with your priorities. Key takeaway: Understand the expectations of everyone who interacts with your brand How to centralize your company's information to increase efficiency Which tool to support you on a daily basis