[Masterclass] Amusement parks enchant the experience by orchestrating dynamic rides


Flying elephants, giant teacups, costumed characters walking around the park... With several million visitors a year, a leading theme park relies on tailor-made, real-time experiences to enchant its customers, young and old. Within the park itself, the cell phone becomes a magic wand to avoid waiting times or to order a toy and pick it up in the nearest store. For the entertainment giant, a new generation of orchestration tools has enabled it to combine programmed messages in batch and personalized interactions in the moment. Indeed, nowadays, journeys can only be planned according to the events or products pushed by the brand. If a brand wants to stick to the customer's needs, it must reverse this logic. Join us to learn about the new Adobe Journey Optimizer application through a theme park case study and demonstration. With Adobe Journey Optimizer, you can manage scheduled omnichannel campaigns and individualized interactions for millions of customers from a single application. The entire journey is optimized with intelligent decisions and insights.

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